CSE is a great branch and is quite interesting too if one is passionate about it. You can be a pro in a year or two if you work right from first year and every day. So, here are few tips which you can follow to excel in your career:

  1. Coding is what makes you different from others. You should read, write, learn, practice coding.
  2. Try to find out a new solution in your own way. There always exist more than one solution to a problem.
  3. There are number of websites available where you can practice and learn a lot like http://geeksforgeeks.com .
  4. Good thing with CSE is that you can be at par or even ahead of those already in the industry if you work hard but in other branches until or unless you get into industry you don’t realize what a practical situation is.
  5. There are number of online learning sites like COURSERA, EDX and lot of others where you can do online course on almost every aspect of CSE. Browse those websites and find out what interests you and enroll in those courses and religiously attend courses on time.
  6. The problem is it is easy to enroll but difficult to be consistent. So be regular while you attend those courses.
  7. Try to find internships immediately after second year to get practical exposure.
    Participate in coding events. Don’t resist yourself that you are a starter and don’t know enough. At least participate and you will realize there are many like you who actually don’t know anything.
  8. To motivate yourself to work more join freelancing websites and work on projects and earn. You can search on internet or quora to find more about freelancing.
    Start your own website, blog etc. to implement what you have learnt.
    Last but not the least maintain your CGPA to average at least.


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